Venezuela born, Geraldine (DJ GiGi,) mixes at some of the hottest clubs in Washington, DC and Miami. Inspired by DJ’s like Oscar G and Chus & Ceballos, GiGi’s ability to transition flawlessly through different genres of music drew attention early on in her career in DC. Whether it be playing to an intimate crowd of two hundred or thousands in RFK stadium, GiGi has positioned herself as a female DJ on the rise. Her combination of House, remixed Hip Hop and Latin rhythms keeps the party going for hours. In 2011, GiGi debuted at the biggest fundraiser for women in the Nation, Aqua Girl. Once audiences and producer’s heard her live she was immediately booked for Toronto Pride and played for thousands of revelers. She now makes Miami her home but continues to travel back to DC. Her focus and passion on her music have given her the name, “the Diva” which she embraces just as much as her high heels and her Black Label. She is thrilled to be part of Miami Winter Party Festival once again.


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