Growing up in the Washington, DC since the early 90’s, Ivan was first influenced by Freestyle music, including Stevie B., Lisa Lisa & Clut Jam, and other variety of ethnic music. It was this blend of lyrics, lush layers of synth, and rapid beats that brought Ivan to his true passion – Djing. His first foray into the field was a casual attempt at mixing at a friend’s party, soon followed by the inevitable purchase of records and many hours spent learning the art of mixing. After countless of small parties, private events and sleepless nights of practice. Ivan landed his first real show in 1996 and was quickly embraced by the district’s club scene went on to DJ at other venues. His extensive career has given him the opportunity to spin for all types of crowds. Although Ivan has spent over half of his life as a DJ, his passion for his work continues to grow. ” His vision is clear, yet simply stated: “I just want people to enjoy my music as much as I enjoy playing it for them.”


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